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Dizzy back in shops!
NewsIt happend!
You can now buy Dizzy POTY for Iphone, Ipad or Android for only 1.49!
Dizzy's Big return!
GamesIt happened.Hell fronze, heavens fall on the earth.
Dizzy is back with a POY remake on Iphone and Android.
on Official game website you can see screenshots and trailer.
Who now can say that dreams won't come true someday?;]
FAOD music Covers
NewsRecently I found two nice covers made by my countryman.
Yolkfolk Village
Mine Cart Ride
And HERE you can go and ask him for more;)
DreamWorld Pogie OST
MoviesSince it was boring lately, I decided to check Dreamworld Pogie for music that can't be heard in normal gameplay.
Here's my playlist.
Dizzy MOE Final+SRC
I updated download section.
Now you can download Final version of Dizzy MOE and Source code.
Dizzy MOE Release!
DownloadsAfter some struggle I'm proudly releasing Dizzy MOE into community!
Dizzy MOE is NES Homebrew.It has new Hero-Kolo.
MOE is short from "Melanchony Of Existance".
Also CH0 means Chapter 0-So there's going to be more(if nothing goes bad).
The game gameplay resemble Classic Dizzy game's much.
Check Readme!.txt for details.
You can Download Dizzy MOE from our downloads.
Dreamworld Pogie-Gameplay2
NewsI recorded and sent longer gameplay of Dreamworld Pogie.
You can see it HERE
a_e Adventure Beta!
DownloadsHere it is!
I found it in old email.I got author permission to give it to public.
It's BETA so It's impossible to finish..
PS.This game is in POLISH LANGUAGE ONLY...
You can't find File here, you can download game from
Dreamworld Pogie!
DownloadsThe Game was originally written by Oliver Twins.
Due to games cancelation sources was lost.
However, user named "Dizzy" from forums somehow has got his hands on the source code.
After a year of tries to compile the code he gave it to public(I guess it was something with game rights, and law problems).
Then, "Dizzy9"(It's me!) aka "Denine" got his hands on the code.
Two minutes later(ok,maybe 3...) game was compiled.
And more importantly:
You can download it from download!
Have fun!
Oh, here's a gameplay video of it:
Kunio Multi Purpose Editor
This time I have something new for you.Something not related to Dizzy.
The Alpha version of Kunio editor is in download now.You can edit 2 games only for now.There will be updates to increase number of games to edit.
In current version(0.1) you can edit Plyer positions in Goal3, edit stats of players in Hockey and change passwords in Hockey.

Be of Good Cheer:) English mirror is here!
PHP-FusionAt last! We have english mirror of
All of articles and download pages are in english now.
Old news weren't translated, becasue they are a little outdated.
Just a reminder:
Polish version is


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